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I am Becky from Blingee and hope to learn how to use this site quickly. But so far, it has been a slow go, so I invite new friends, suggestions, and any comments that will help me. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing my Blinge

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· 那里 8 小时
Caption oh Caption. This is my first time back here since 2015. I see there are improvements. Pray you have been well. >:D<
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· 在 26 一月 2021
Hello Becky , I am your friend BBB338 from Blingee! Thank you! Too bad Blingee is closing! Big Hugs!>:D< 🌹
Frines ist Ines ,Hallo Freunde - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 22 一月 2021
Hi Becky....nice to see you here,too.Lg Ines oder schwines aus Blingee
Fascination - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 20 八月 2015
I'm from the beginning, but as they wanted to close ...
I prefer Blingee (Sang-Occulte is my nickname)
Thank you my friend! See you soon ☺
Hello  - na powitanie ;) - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 18 八月 2015
Halllo my Friend from Blingee. Nice to meet You ♥
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· 在 18 八月 2015
Hi everyone....I'm in idea mode....
FACEBOOK on Search friends...use Coffee Hour Blingee OR Blingee
It is a "Page"...not my own Facebook page.
For  charu_rappel - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 17 八月 2015
Thank you for your advice my dear Becky!
 - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 17 八月 2015
❀ڰۣ-~ Hi Becky!! So nice to see you! Thanks for adding me luv! Muahhh!
KDO pour mes Ami(e)s de PicMix & de Centerblog... - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 16 八月 2015
Hello Becky,

Thank you very much for your visit and your notes. Have a very good night.
Best wishes.
For  charu_rappel - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 16 八月 2015
Hi,Becky!!! Thank you that you are here!!! Thank you for inspiration!!!