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Scary Nun

Don't take someone else's gif and put your name on it and act like you made it. This is just plain wrong and too many do it. Create your own gifs people! Real gif artists make their own gifs. And they don't try to blame others ...

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Lana Del Rey
Girl with Guitar
Purple Roses and Kisses
Mystic Kitty
Wolf Pup
Skull King Screams
Evil Queen, Once Upon a Time
Blue Pin Stripes
Baby Fairy
Flower Crown
addyredragon on deviantart
Red Wine
Bed Head
Turquoise Roses
Looking at You
Beauty from the East
Thoughts of You
White Roses
Red Flower
Darya Lebedeva
Lady with White Wolf
Falling Roses
Beautiful Girl
Beaded Beauty
Purple Robe

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Shooting Star ExplosionBlue Glitter HeartSpace Particles by optically arousedSpace ButterflyWhite Laser Reflections by RandombergerPurple Sparkle HeartWhite Sparkle HeartGold Sparkle HeartDramatic Static ElectricityStar Heart and FlowersHeart SpinsRainbow Raindrops by angulargeometryRainbow Dots by PI-SLICESMoodProvider by Randombergerquantumacid by CosmosSilver Angles

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Sweet Winter Beauties..For Pam.
· 在 25 十二月 2018
Merry Christmas Pammie! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday,hugs and Kisses!
Bonne année 2021 !🍷 🍷🍷Joyeux Fêtes!
· 在 23 十一月 2018
HELLO 🌹🌹🌹 thank you :D :x Very much for a wonderful visit, notes and words. I congratulate you on the upcoming weekend warm greetings and hugs from Natalia 💝💝💝 >:D< :-*
Kaz_Creations 03/01/2022
· 在 21 三月 2018
Happy Wednesday Have a Good Day Love & Hugs Kaz:x
Kaz_Creations 03/01/2022
· 在 21 二月 2018
May your divine glow so clear and bright, surround me with your warmth and light
Happy Wednesday Love & Hugs Kaz:x
· 在 19 二月 2018
Thanks so much for all your good notes! Have a nice week!
Merry Christmas
· 在 16 二月 2018
Hello Pam, thank you very much for your visit and so many good grades. I want to know how to move eyes, how is it done?
Have a nice day. Kiss
Merry Christmas
· 在 16 二月 2018
Thank you for your votes and the comment! I wish you a good day! :)
· 在 15 二月 2018
Thank you for your votes. i wish you a good night :)
· 在 15 二月 2018
muchas gracias por todas tus buenas notas feliz jueves besos
Happy  New  Year 2022
· 在 15 二月 2018
Thank you very much for your stopping
Good evening and good night