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Winter Cute Animal - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 15 五月 2022
Hi there ! This a message to all my blingers Friends I know for the last 15 years ! Hey u guys need you on the French site that you all heard of . It is cool and free but well I need u guys. You know me if I am calling for you there's a reason . For further informations I'll let you know inbox. Hugzzzzzzzzzz
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· 在 16 八月 2015
I only started this yesterday and have' figured anything out yet and hadn't been on blingee in over 12 months
Autumn Rose - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 16 八月 2015
hahaha, I am so confused. Thank you for the comment, but this is some of the worst work I've ever done, hahaha. How are you and Rita figuring this out so fast? She already has over 100 of her stamps downloaded, I don't know how, I never saved any
 - 免费动画 GIF
· 在 16 八月 2015
Greg greetings! Hoping this is your pg. Do you know if Rita, Nancy have a pg.? Thankyou!