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Joy from Inside Out

My name's Heather.
I was once known as ForeverTwilight on Blingee.

My birthday is January 21st. I live in USA. I like anime, music, movies, hanging out with friends/family and watching TV. I dislike drama, pretenders, bullies an

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Dexter Holland Kids Aren't Alright
Disgust from Inside Out
Joy from Inside Out
Glen Power
Pete & Bronx Wentz
Happy birthday to my friend Tracy!

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Frühling printemps spring
· 在 23 一月 2021
;) Good morning :x >:D< ;;)
Music expresses that which cannot be said
· 在 13 一月 2021
Hi there! It's japanfan12345 from Blingee.

(I'm still hoping Blingee comes back but until then I'm gonna be here )
· 在 22 一月 2016
Hello^^ I'm Anime_Angel16 of Blingee :) Have a nice Weekend :)
Frühling printemps spring
· 在 29 十一月 2015
Für meine Freunde-for my friends-pour mes amis
· 在 19 八月 2015
I have good news the Blingee Team has decided to keep blingee up! Here's the link!
· 在 18 八月 2015
I know, it will make this site less stressful without competitions. Still it's very nice here, but I'll miss blingee to.
· 在 17 八月 2015
❀ڰۣ-~ Hello Heather.. so nice to meet you! Thanks for the add luv! Hugs! xoxo
· 在 16 八月 2015
Hey girl :) I found you :) This is Autumn/Sunmoonstars
WofGirl fits me better, lol
· 在 15 八月 2015
I'm glad to see you here. I hope you'll enjoy! Thanks to be my friend. You are in my circle too. I wish you a nice week-end! :)
· 在 15 八月 2015
Heather! It's good to see you here. It's me dww1998 from blingee, just with another name.