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Hello!, My name is Robin.. I was on Blingee since the beginning of time as Robbierob 1961 and something something 428, been so long I can't remember! .. So good to see some of my old Friends on here and glad we can reconnect! I also enjoy my new Friends!! I love creating and love enjoying others artwork as well.. Alot of talent! I would like to Thank all of you who take the time to visit,vote, rate and comment on my pictures, as I enjoy doing the same..Fall time is my fav time of year! Happy creating to you and Thank You again for all you do! >:D< >:D< >:D< :x :x :x @};- @};- @};- (~~) (~~) (~~) ~O) ~O) ~O)

Just so everyone knows I always start at the bottom row of pics when voting in a contest.. there are great works of art at the bottom as well as the top.. : >:D< :x

20/09/2023 17:15

PicMix (1 056)

Christmas Tree-RM-12-07-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Decorate a Room for Christmas-RM-12-06-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Balls-RM-12-06-23 - 免费动画 GIF
December 2023 Calendar-RM-12-05-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Choir-RM-12-05-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Santa Claus-RM-12-05-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Blue Horse Fantasy-RM-12-05-23 - 免费动画 GIF
December Calendar w Variations-RM-12-04-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Rockin Santa-RM-12-03-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Party Dog-RM-12-03-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Jingle Bells-RM-12-03-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Door-RM-12-02-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Vintage Merry Christmas-RM-12-01-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Favorite Flower-RM-12-01-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Advent-RM-12-01-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Scrooge-RM-11-30-23 - 免费动画 GIF
December-RM - 免费动画 GIF
Noomi-RM-11-29-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Gothic Winter-RM-11-28-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Native American in Winter-RM-11-28-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Eve-RM-11-27-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Woman w Deer-RM-11 27-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Snow Train in the Wild-RM-11-27-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Jesus-RM-11-26-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Wreath on Door-RM-11-25- 23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Tree Outside-RM-11-23-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Patchwork-RM-11-23-23 - 免费动画 GIF
A Good Week! -RM-11-23-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Knock Knock-RM-11-22-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Landscapes-RM-11-22-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Mary and Jesus-RM-11-22-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Gingerbread-RM-11-21-23 - 免费动画 GIF
A Moment of Happiness-RM-11-29-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Reading in Bedroom-RM-11-20-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Baby-Big Eyes-RM-11-19-23 - 免费动画 GIF
Christmas Cup-RM-11-19-23 - 免费动画 GIF

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Polka Dot Frame-RM - 免费动画 GIFChristmas Ornament-RM - 免费动画 GIFGold Spoon-RM - 免费动画 GIFGold Spoon-RM - 免费动画 GIFGold Spoon-RM - 免费动画 GIFBlocks-RM - 免费动画 GIFBaby-RM - 免费动画 GIFBackground-RM - 免费动画 GIFVintage Background-RM - 免费动画 GIFPink Background-RM - 免费动画 GIFParis-RM - 免费动画 GIFNative Indian-RM - 免费动画 GIFChristmas Ornament-RM - 免费动画 GIFBaby Jesus-RM - 免费动画 GIFLights-RM - 免费动画 GIFSwans-RM - 免费动画 GIF

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Hello Robin,
Thank you so much for your comment, rate/vote. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.
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Hi dear Robin 🥰💗💗💗 I wish you a nice day and a sweet night 🤗😘💗🎄💗🎅💗 Christine
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Thank you so much, dear Robin! Happy winter!!!@};- @};- @};- @};- @};-
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Thank you so much for all your votes, rates and comments! 😻💖🦁
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very cute and beautiful works :x :x
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Hi dear Robin 🥰 thank you for your visit and your nice comment ❤❤❤ I wish you a pleasant week and a nice day 🤗😘❤🎅❤🎄❤ Christine
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COUCOU☘ 🌼🌹 (❁´◡`❁)🌹🌼☘ les ami(e) je passe pour vous souhaitez un très bon week-end( Bien au chaud) avec tout mon amitié :-* :-* :-* :-* cenaky ;;) :D ;) :) MERCI pour vos visite notes &votes :-*
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Hi Dear Robin 🥰 I wish you a pleasant day and a nice sunday ahead 🤗💙❄🤍❄💙 Christine
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Hello dear friend.
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